we're all in this together

The Toronto Argonauts, Maple Leafs, Raptors, and TFC have joined forces with Canada's leading authority on bullying prevention, PREVNet, to bring bullying education and awareness into schools.

The goal of Huddle Up is to prevent bullying, discrimination and racism by promoting a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion, while empowering students to take action.

Hi, I’m Jason Colero, Community and Education Program Specialist at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment.

Welcome to the Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program! I created the Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program back in 2001 after being bullied in high school. One of my football teammates had the courage to speak up for me and was the ally I desperately needed. I decided it was time to pay it forward. On behalf of all teams at MLSE, we hope this program encourages you to stand up for injustices to help prevent bullying, racism and discrimination in our communities. It’s a big job and will take time and effort, but remember we’re all in this together.

how it works

The Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program is tailored towards students in grade 6 to grade 9 in the Greater Toronto Area. There are three main elements to the program: The Huddle Up Student Committee, the online curriculum, and the Huddle Up Player Assembly.

  • Student Committee

    The Huddle Up Student Committee consists of approximately 10 students, guided by a teacher adviser, who lead bullying awareness and prevention initiatives throughout the year at their school.

  • Online Platform

    Written by teachers, supported by PREVNet, and aligned with Ontario’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum, the platform provides students in grades 6-9 the opportunity to work through a series of interactive, online modules to deepen learning and practice strategies to strengthen relationships and overall well-being. The modules include pre and post assessments to inform teaching and learning. The online platform will also include vetted resources and activities to help the Huddle Up Committee with their work.

  • Player Assembly

    The Huddle Up Player Assembly amplifies the Huddle Up Committee’s efforts with messaging from a Toronto Argonauts, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, or Toronto FC player. 40 schools will receive a player assembly each year.

Program Benefits

  • A cost-free learning tool for schools

  • Initiatives aimed at reducing bullying and improving student well-being

  • Student leadership and engagement opportunities

  • Social-emotional learning modules, including promoting healthy relationships

  • Monthly challenges with great prizes