Addressing Our Difficulties


Addressing our Difficulties

While we all have strengths, we also all experience difficulties. Knowing who we are and keeping a positive attitude can help us work towards addressing our difficulties.

How can Simone address these difficulties, drawing upon her strengths and keeping a positive attitude?

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Simone wasn't picked to be on the soccer team.

While Simone is disappointed by not making the team, she knows that she is a good athlete and that there are other sport team tryouts and school clubs starting soon. She is optimistic that she will join another team or club.

Simone is having difficulty with her English work.

Simone knows that she has to work really hard in this subject. She recognizes that she didn't put in the work to better understand the lessons. Starting tomorrow, she will ask for extra help and review her notes at home. She is determined to do better in this subject.

Simone has been going through a tough time.

Simone is hopeful that things will get better and reminds herself of the positive things that are happening in her life. She is thankful for her friends, family and other supports who have been helping her get through it. She writes a personal note to show her gratitude.

Simone is feeling very stressed about her upcoming Science test. She wants to keep her 80% average.

Simone can remind herself that she is strong in this subject and, in the past has done very well on tests. She has strong organization skills and can use those skills to plan her time well to study for the test.

Simone has been upset about a racial profiling incident that happened in her community.

The impact of seeing racial injustice in her community has been difficult and has made her sad and angry. She is determined to use her advocacy skills to speak up about it. She speaks to her teacher about what programs need to be created to address community conflict.